Ninja BABE



Scene 1:   

There is this super rich stupid idiot who lives in a humongous house.  At his house, this guy has babes lying all over the place.  The next scene is hot.  The guy takes this super hot babe back to his room to make-out.  The audience will think that the hot babe is a normal babe, but, yeah right, she's a ninja.  The ninja woman smashes the guy's head like a melon.  Then all these dogs come out of nowhere and the ninja woman has to beat the dogs' asses.  First she kicks this one dog right in the nuts.  The dog screams and jumps out the window.  Then she jumps in the air and kicks two dogs in the nuts at once!  Both dogs evaporate.  Every time the ninja woman kicks nuts, a guitar squeals hard.  Then the ninja woman has to battle the boss dog.  The boss dog is huge.  Before the boss dog can attack, she uppercuts the boss dog's nuts so hard that the boss explodes.  Then the guitar squeals REALLY hard and explodes.  


-This script is awesome.