Ninja Scholarship


2002 Winner


Would you like to flip out with some cash?

If so, then enter into the Ninja Scholarship contest.  To enter, you must



The 2004 winner** will be announced June 1st, 2005 and will receive a five dollar check from me.  Only totally sweet pictures will be posted on the Ninja sightings page.  Make sure to tell your friends to keep their eyes open! 



*By flipping out, I mean really really flipping out.  And no pornography--ninjas are tubular, but not that tubular.  

**By sending in a picture, you also give me permission to use that picture in my upcoming book.  This is as of February 01, 2002.

***The Ninja Scholarship does not discriminate against anybody (regarding race, religion, social status, poop size, disability, gender or any other non-relevant features) and that's a fact!  Only one winner will be chosen.