REAL Ultimate Power

The Official Ninja Book


(the book that will keep you pumped up for the rest of your life)



REAL Ultimate Power: The Official Ninja Book

(Click the link above and your butt just might explode.)


The Second Episode

of the Hamburger Trilogy



(Click the link above and your butt just might explode.)



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Basic reasons why you should buy REAL Ultimate Power--The Official Ninja Book.


1.    It will teach you about ninjas.

2.    Ninjas are awesome.  



Basic reasons why you shouldn't buy REAL Ultimate Power--the Official Ninja Book


1.    You're a moron.

2.    You're an idiot.



For those people who aren't idiots or morons, you can order the REAL Ultimate Power--The Official Ninja Book so you don't have to keep worrying about it every day.  And you'll save a bunch of gas money because you can just be sitting at your house eating Doritos and watching movies with your buddies and then BOOM the mailman busts in with his pants around his ankles and he's like "Yo, it's here.  The book.  I've been running around the damn neighborhood trying to find you."  Then you and your buddies could stay up all night hanging out and eating pizza and learning about ninjas while the mailman goes back to his stupid life.


If you click on the amazon link above, you can purchase the book pretty easily.  Plus I think I get a couple extra cents, which is awesome.  And after pressing the button, you can press proceed to checkout on the right side of the screen and everything will be OK.  But if you buy the book at a store in person, tell the cashier that Robert says "Yo".  I don't think you'll get a discount or anything, but at least the lady will know what's going on.


(By the way, there's another guy named Robert Hamburger.  He wrote some book called Bistros in Paris.  That Robert Hamburger isn't me.  I can't stand bistros.)


If you can't wait for the book, you can get a bad ass ninja shirt in the mean time.



If your buddies might be interested, 

make sure to tell them too.