The Gurgle



Apparently, there was this ninja who was hanging out with some kid.  They played basketball and ate hamburgers together.  One day the kid was like “Do you want to hear something that will mess up your life?”

The ninja was like “What are you talking about?”

“A real live ghost story,” said the kid.

“O.K.” said the ninja.

Then the kid began…“These two buddies were eating tacos together one night at a bar and it was raining really hard (outside).  They were just talking.  Then all of a sudden, there was a noise, like a gurgle or squirt.  The buddies were like “What the heck is that?”  And guess what…it happened again!  They were both completely freaked out.  (One buddy couldn’t even finish his meal.)  They briefly looked around the bar for clues, but they never found out what it was.  And both buddies went home scared to death.”


After hearing the ghost story, the ninja was so scared that he grabbed the kid and spanked him until both parties squirted urine.