The Playaz



In some other state, there were some basketball players hanging out in the forest after a big game.  One player said “This forest reminds me of some scary stuff I heard.”  And the other said “What happened?”


“Well these two buddies, like you and I, were hanging out, just like now, and out of nowhere they heard something.  Since they were big, like you and me, they didn’t get scared.  Apparently, the noise was coming from behind an old door.  Together the buddies slowly opened the door.  BOOM! There was a grown up standing right there.  Then it turned around and talked.  But the buddies couldn’t understand, because it had the voice of a teeny little baby!  “Holy Crap!” said one buddy “Frigg’n run!”  And they did.”


After hearing the story, one player said “Wow!”  Needless to say, a ninja over-heard the entire thing and got pretty scared/mad.  The ninja didn’t understand the feelings inside him and went berserk (this is common for people).  In conclusion, the players were speechless when the ninja beat their butts.