Getting Pumped Up

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Dear Ladies,


Dear everybody,

First off, I would like say that ninjas are sweet.  Ninjas are sweet.  Next, I'd like to thank all you people who believe in ninjas and the power that these amazing beings hold.

Now I have a call to arms. There comes a time in everybody's life where one must choose to be pumped or not. That time is probably now. All the stuff I've been talking about-the ninjas, the dogs, the hippos-it's really all about being pumped.

The fundamental question for humanity is, Do you want to be that boring guy at the shoe store who just takes whatever shoe the lady gives him? Or do you want to be that bad ass dude who just laid a log on top of a fax machine for no reason at all? I think the choice is simple.

If you understand what the heck I'm talking about, then you have to go and get as pumped up as possible and record it on film to get other people pumped up. It doesn't matter what you're doing. As long as you're pumped. You could tear apart the entire living room and it would be awesome*. You could bite the hell out of a blanket with your mouth and it would make sense. Just as long as you're pumped. Like, if some guy in China sees your video and decides to commit his heart to being pumped then maybe he'll spread it to other people and then BOOM, naked ladies everywhere.

So if you want to part of the movement, just post your movie on and send the link to

The guy who is the most flipped out will be featured in the hall of fame of REAL Ultimate Power. Everybody in town will probably respect you and you'll be helping people all across the globe.

So make sure to check back to see the people in your neighborhood getting pumped and messing up the place.