Getting Pumped Up

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Analysis: I don't know what's going on at the first girl's home.  But it's bad.  The second girl is uninspiring.  However, the pumped up feeling I get from watching the first girl slap the shit out of the paper-towel dispenser is more than enough to get me through the video.  I give this video a 5, because it will probably only pumped up 5 people if they see it.  Can you beat it?


Analysis: Once started, he had full commitment.  I like that.  The incorporation of the legs is not new, but appreciated.  What I didn't like was how he stopped to check the reaction of the camera man at :16.  It shows a lack of confidence in being pumped up.  That makes me ill.  I give you a 6



contains cuss words

Analysis:  This was really deep.  The guy was flipping out so much inside that his ears filled up with liquid and there isn't any screaming sounds, just the cool flowing ear water of Japanese music.  The is what it's like when you're hitting the apex of a flip.  There are only a few of you out there who know what I'm talking about.  I give it a 5



Analysis:  This one is pretty good.  I like the use of props, but it seems like his mom is right downstairs the whole time so he can't go completely nuts.  I give it a 4.



Do you have the courage to get pumped up?  Do you want to get millions of people pumped through your actions?  Do want to change the face of the damn planet?