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Letter (to those jerks who don't like my web-page)

Dear Stupid Idiots...

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(i get a lot of hate mail.  these are the best ones.  and that's why they are so stupid.)




Hey retard.. just to let you know.. Seppuku is not the form of killing yourself when your pissed off or when there is no one else to kill.  Its the art of an honorable suicide done because they pretty much fucked up (like if they get caught).  Ninjas do not kill and stab all day.  They are actually silent assasins.  e.g.  they would dress up like a salesman to get into your house, and while they are pretending to sell you something they would look for holes and cracks to climb into, then at night they would come back and murder you.     If you going to talk about somethinig...   make sure you know what the fuck you are talking about.   Thats not even the jist of whats wrong on your dumbass site.


from Sudo Shima (John Madison)



dont have a clue what real ninja are do you?  The Ninja are a highly secretive ogranisasion that train in the art of Ninjitsu.  The Ninja arts started in China in the 14th century.  Ninja are nothing more than highly trained spies.  The sword is not called a "Ninja Sword" it is a Katana or Wakuzashi.Their "Ninja Stars" are called Shuriken.  You must have Ninja confused with the Samurai, Shogun or Bushido, for they are the ones who actually brutally slaughtered people. Ninja cannot fly or stick to walls, I would like to know where you got these ideas from. However they did have potions such as smoke bombs and poison.  You also said that you learned everything you know about Ninja from a bunch of movies, has no-one ever told you movies are full of shit.  Cheat codes don't work in real life, asshole.  If you wish to know more about us true Ninja email me at @@@@
Hope you will be making some changes to your site or you will hear from me again.

from Kyoshi Nishimura (Sam)


You must be the stupidest piece of shit on this damn planet. You make a site about 'REAL NINJAS' because they are 'TOTALLY SWEET' when in fact you dont know bullshit about them, you make this shit up off of the top of your deformed head, and you even tell ppl damn screwed up lies. you call this shit factual? damnit you probably have no fuckin idea what a shuriken is. ninjas don't flip out. they dont play guitars. they dont use crap like lasers. you have no idea what a pirate is. go look it up in a fuckin book, i mean a REAL book. how the hell can you publish this sort of shit? ninjas CANT FLY. they CANT USE MAGIC. they dont kill whoever they want. they are really peasants trained to use stealth and to kill, using REAL weapons, such as shurikens, darts, etc. their targets were NOT pirates, they were usually important political or military figures, often they killed high ranking samurai and the like. go learn something REAL about REAL NINJAS, then you can publish that.
i hope you publish this on your damn site, and make as many comments as you can fuckin come up with. other ppl also know you are messed up.  i'm not alone.


from anynomous



Hey kid. never give up on that suicide by ingesting a frisbee.  I hope you succeed very soon.  Your ninja website is pathetic and cries out "I'm a 10 year old that knows shit about ninja's".  One day when you're 30 you're going to look back on this and laugh your ass off at how incredibly nieve and dumb you were.  Oh and by the way, I'm a sniper.  So if you see a red dot appear on your chest, smile, because you'll get to meet somebody who really is "cool", if only for a second.    


from Rudimentarypeni7


Hey you fuckin moron,

I just visited you fucked up little piece of shit ninja site, and you don't know Jack Shit about them do you?  First off, how fuckin old are you, you little SOB, and how the FUCK long have you studied NINJAS?  If you honestly believe in what you put on your site you should just do the world a fuckin favor and bend over, put your dick in your mouth and bite it the fuck off so that everyone knows the planet won't be tainted by someone else genetically related to a dumb fuck like you.  I got a fuckin list of things that are wrong on your fuckin page.  First off, your fuck off firend Mark said he saw an actual NINJA, do you fuckin know how many there really are, there are less than 50 real ones left, and only 5 live in the U.S.!  NINJAS DON'T FLIP OUT YOU FUCKIN RETARD!!!  do you even know what Ninjas WERE!!!  They were SPIES and ASSASSINS, next time ask before you pull shit out your ass and put it on a page.  EVERYTHING you said on your page is shit, even your equipment is WRONG.  I bet you don't even fuckin know the differance between a katana and a zaoichito blade, and if you DON'T then remove your fuckin site right the fickin now.  I'm sick and fuckin tired of people like you, who have a computer and THINK somehting is cool, and then put total BULLSHIT on the internet to confuse otehrs who are actually researching the True past of these excellant soldiers, you MOTHER FUCKING PEICE OF RAT SHIT. If you want some REAL info e-mail me and I'd be GLAD to set you straight, I've actually studied these fuckers for MORE THAN TWO WEEKS. HELL, I've even been to the last official Okinawan Dojo for them.  But please get your fuckin bullshit site off the fuckin net or COMPLETELY reFUCKINGdo-it.

A Guy Who Loves Asia And Knows About The Real Past Of Ninjas,

To: Some Kid Who Thought He Knew Something




I recently visited your site by accident.  Once I was there i realized that this was possibly the worst site ive ever been to in my whole human existance.  I dont know if you just forgot to take your riddelin or somthing, but removing you from the net would be a service to humanity and all of posterity from here to the end of "time and space." I sugest that you go to anger managment classes.  I also suggest that you stop talking about kicking dogs in the balls and "porking" hot babes(that is if being out of puberty is "braggable"). Next year when you turn 9 you should ask mommy and daddy if you can get a life for your birthday.


from Jason







Dear Mr. Hamburger.


I am a single mother.  A single mother of three boys!  And it's tough enough to keep them from acting up without people like you in the world.  You are a disgrace to the whites, if you're white.  My second born son has been, as you call it, "flipping out" recently and he started doing so around the same time the boys discovered your site.  And surprise surprise, my son seriously harmed his brother AND now his behavior is affecting his schoolwork.  Are you going to tutor him, jerk?  I'm a single mother!  His rambunctious attitude is going to get him put in jail or even juvenile hall.  You are encouraging kids to go berserk and disregard rules.  I demand that you take down this immediately, before I call the police.  Trust me, mr. hamburger, this is one single mother of three boys you do not want to mess with.  I will lobby to have your site banned for the rest of your life.  I'll see you in court.  Write me back and we'll talk some more. 




a single mother of three boys you do not want to mess with

This hatemail got me so pumped, I wrote the 6th movie script.  

The Smear




Dear Robert,

september 15th rapidly moves in upon us like a thunder cloud ready to explode in an intense rain of fury. as i stated in my previous letter, i asked if you were ready to accept the responsibility  of the damage and injury that your mis information will cause others. i see that you have recieved a letter from a concerned mother of three stateing that your web site has caused her son to fail in school as well as injure one of her other children. is it simply that you are waiting for  some one to die as a result of the garbage that you propogate on  your site? you only have a few days left to send out a letter to me via email that will be distributed to all real  ninja that you have insulted as well as post a disclaimer on your site disavowing what you claim to teach....then take the site down and replace it with a letter stateing that anyone whao has taken you seriously should not and that they should not follow your ill example. dont force me to take further action upon you the least of which is to petition aol to tear down your site....the worst of which would be a personal visit from myself and  my students at your so called dojo to remedy your ill behavior. little boy, i am the real deal, and i take offense at your immature lies and the example your set for others. i guarantee that my 25 years in ninjutsu as well as my title of ninja,iemoto and sokeship over various japanese ryu ha related to the ninja will be quite adiquate to put you in you place. fell free to email me back....and anyone who reads this can email me at @@@@@@ with your concerns and together we can fight to have this little boy banned from the web. robert, i hope...no i dare you to post this entire letter on your site so that others can access my email address.

david d. fujita, soke (grandmaster)
bufukan ninpo bujutsu dojo network


have you ever even seen a real hippo?  are you fjucking stupid?  don't you know that hippos don't drink pop or "hang" out with ninja.  what does "hang out" mean you freak.  i bet it has something to do with animal sexuality, you little gay.  only a gay would think that hippos fight people with friends.  hippos are animals that don't talk, you moron.  why would you ever make a story full of lies.  are you trying to confuse people.  you are right that they live in the forest, but THAT'S ALL. 


when you realize how fucking stupid you are, you are going to feel reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaal stupid,

your anti-fan,


Even though i do not know much about ninjas, I must say that your site is crap. It's sadly amusing, I'll give you that. I mean, where else can I read about some old man popping 19 boners...? Do you even know what a boner is ya retard? Anothing thing.. how can one smear pap all over anything? A papsmear is a test where your boobs are mushed (for lack of better word) in between two panes of glass to look for tumours and the like. There is no smearing of anything involved. So giggle as much as you want over this, little schoolgirl. Get a life, but first get a brain.




Let me make one thing perfectly clear, kid. Get a clue. If you truly believe that being good at video games based on the art of Ninjitsu and/or martial arts makes you an expert, I really pity you. If this is all a joke, then I suggest.........no, I INSIST you post the disclaimers that Mr. Fujita directs, or take the site down yourself. No, I won't come after you in person, I have other ways of taking care of kidiots like yourself. But I am not threatening you.  Listen to adults kid.They have been around alot longer than you.Lots of them were into this when they were kids.(it's not a new thing).  The information here is so out of the realm of reality that I cannot fathom that you ACTUALLY believe this shit. I will operate on the assumption that this is a joke....and a poor one at that. Just the e-mail from the single mother tells me all I need to know about how kids respond to the shit you are spouting.  There is enough of it for them to see without this little, hair-brained, full of yourself, bunch of bull shit on this site.  How you would YOU like it if somebody were to tell lies about you?  I'm not saying that I will, but still. 
I use the matial arts, (no, not Ninjitsu...I have none of the patience and dedication) in conjuction with Midieval sword skills, so I have a working knowledge of what it takes to become proficient in ANY form of the martial arts, even the complicated ones. There is a reason why it called and ART. Figure that part out....oh, wait....sorry....you do not have the grey matter (brain) for that.
Bottom line is this. I do not wish you harm, but you might wake up injured one day. I simply want this full of shit site down or the disclaimers posted. You are insulting the intelligence and the honor of a lot of people with this. I daresay you will bring down some really bad things upon yourself if you don't. That is not a threat, but your life soon won't be good.  A simple promise from one who KNOWS what Mr. Fujita is telling you. I don't really give a rat's ass about the individuals that posted their little rants in your hate mail....with 2 exceptions.
Mr. Fujita and the Mother and her boys.
HE means what she says and she says what he means. SHE deserves NONE of the problems that her son is giving her, obviously caused by  reading and taking to heart the bullshit he got from your site.
Do the right thing, or you will hear from me again.  (Not a threat, again.)
The next time, it will not be so pleasant (physically).........trust me.


Dear Moron,

I have visited your site recently and found that you must be missing some chromosomes.  You must be some sort of 30 year old with down syndrome. Someone mailed you saying to bite off your penis so no one would ever be genetically related to you. That sounds like a good idea......if you only had a penis!  You dont know anything about ninjitsu and I doubt that you know anything at all.  May God have mercy on your soul because the assasins that will kill you in your sleep for insulting them and being a complete waste who doesn't add goodness to the world, won't.  If I wanted a brain transplant, I'd want your because IT HAS NEVER BEEN USED!!!  Please keep up this website because I love to laugh at the stupidity of the greatest moron on the face of the earth.  To everyone else please send him more hate mail because it is very humus.



Robert Hamburger has been sued.  For more information about the lawsuit click News


at first when i went to ur sight i thought it was up as a joke, but now i
see u flipped out on this mom in court and are disobeying a court order?
what in the sam fuck is wrong with you? u dont do that! your not a ninja!
Ninjas, are cool, they are relaxed, have composure, are patient. u on the
otherhand need to see a child psychiatrist, i'm fourteen years old and i
think u are the opposite of what any human being should even think of being.
you couldn't load a site filled with more crap and bullshit. u need to take
some serios thought about where ur going in life kid, or mr Fujitsu is gonna
pound it into ya. i'm not kidding.  neither is he.  and neither are we. your gonna end up in
jail if you keep doin stuff like this u stupid fucking dumbass, i really
hope you post this on that dumbass page of yours so people can see that even
kids close to your own age think your fucking stupid. go eat rat poison and
dissolve yourself in a barrel of acid with spikes and razors u stupid sam fucking dumbass.



>Robert, you are playing a dangerous game. By basically telling the world to
>fuck off and saying that you have the right to flip out all over the place,
>you are stating that you are strong enough to beat the world. That just isn't
>true. I do not have enough invested in the honor of ninjitsu to take any
>action against you, but there are those that do who also have the ability to
>do so. Understand this when you choose to antagonize them. Specifically, when
>a grandmaster of a tradition that has been in continuous training since the
>14th century tells you that you are wrong and that you are making an enemy
>out of his tradition, it would show that you had some intelligence if you
>listened. I have been studying the martial arts for going on a decade now,
>and I would hesitate to enter the same dojo as one so accomplished as a
>ninjitsu grandmaster, of whom (unless I am mistaken, and Mr. Fujita, please
>correct me if I am wrong) there are only two living today. You know who your
>enemies are, but you do not know yourself and why you are doing this.
>Moreover, you do not seem to understand the consequences of your actions.
>This is a tragedy. I grieve not for your actions, but for the fact that one
>little boy is so alone that he must retreat behind such a shell of anger. Mr.
>Fujita, I think, will agree with me that one of the tenets of ninjitsu is
>absolute self-control, and you are obviously not displaying that. If you are
>really in possesion of ultimate power, why are you afraid to post Mr.
>Fujita's email address, and why are you going to black out XXXXXXXX,
>so that he cannot contact me if he wishes?

Dear terrorist that has no morality,

People like you should not exist on the face of this planet. Building a 
website that influences other peoples in ways that is not truth is not just. 
If you do not learn to grow up soon and quit you vile influences you will 
probably be put on death row. I dont care what your age may be but having a 
website that offends many others and offers bad ideas to children shall be 
ceased. If you have studied Ninjutsu, I say unless you change your disgusting 
ways, go learn something like how to reach hell by creating truthless 
websites and killing others children by as you say, "Flipping out."
Do you even know what the words, "Flipping out" mean. Here is a definition 
lesson for you, flipping means, "to toss so as to cause to turn over in the 
air, or to move with a small quick motion" "to identify publicly as being 
such secretly"
Videos offer no proof whatsoever of any kind of skill involving a martial 
art. Videos are easily manipulated. As others have said practitioners of 
Ninjutsu do not go on a killing spree, they protect themselves, their 
families, and their rights and the main aspect was to reach a calm state. So 
really your picture of a ninja is incorrect as the real meaning is a way of 
peace, so to speak. If you say you are a practitioner of Ninjutsu or know 
anything of the art do you understand the philosophy integrated in the art. A 
martial art is without meaning if it only contains body positons and fighting 
stances there is a spirtual side to this. I am offended greatly due to your 
activities. If it was legal i would have your website down in a matter of 
minutes, but I do not care to break the law. If you can understand this 
manuscript then I'm suprised that a person with enough intelligence to read 
this does not have enough to hold a moral code. I do not wish harm for you 
but i can only say harm will come afoot if your vileness is not halted. I 
stately believe that you belong in a mental ward. Well I'm certain you are a 
sex crazed pervert who has no legible parents. I think you would have been 
dropped on your head off the Empire State building when you were a baby. I 
have seen anarchy websites less atrocious than yours. I neither support 
breaking the law or doing stupid things like some people( Namely you). I 
would address you by your name but i do not believe the name you placed on 
your absurd website is your real one and if you did place your real name on 
it, more stupidity to you. I im glad you are getting sued but if not it will 

Our community grows stronger against vile people like you, while your 
communty grows ever weaker under the pressure of the truth.

If anyone would like to email me about this topic feel free, my email is ***********   
( Of course my email address wont even show up thanks to 
some censorensic people who run this evil website.)

If you want to know my age, it is between 13 -38

I condem this foul website of yours.

I hope to bring you no anger, rather to plea that you close your site.
>  It disturbs me to think that there are people out there who might kill
>themselves because of this site.  There are some crazy people on this earth
>who might kill themselves or others as a result of this site, and that would
>be horrible and evil in most or all cases.  I want you to end your site, and
>any others like it if there are others like it.  Also, please make sure that
>people don't kill themselves or others as a result of this site.  I care for
>your wellbeing, and it is greatly harming you and others to keep your site


I'm very glad you are being sued. I'm 15 years old and even though I am so young I think your site should be torn down. Ms. Evans, I respect you very much for suing this little dumbass who thinks he knows everything about ninjas from "studying them for several weeks and watching a bunch of movies about them." Robert, you are a disgrace to us kids and should be put in a juvenile detention center for a couple of years to straighten you out. I hope that someday, the feds come and seize your web server so you cannot publish this bullshit anymore. I hope you publish this letter on your damned site so people can see the opinion of another kid along with all the adults. Your "Dear Stupid Idiots" page has got to be the lamest page ever "stupid idiots" sounds like something a little baby would say.
If you want to reply, email me at *****, I'd be happy to debate with a little immature brat like you.




I urge you, as an 18 year old man, who has EARNED more pussy than you shall
ever afford, to close your site down, before I do it myself.  It will be my
greatest pleasure to personally destroy www.realultimatepower.net, and
anything you come up with in the future.  I pray that you post this on your
site, as it will only make it easier for me to destroy you.  You are a sad,
strange little waste of your parents' bodily fluids.  You should not be
allowed to talk, let alone make such a piece of shit website.  I'll bet you
actually don't know SHIT about anything concerning websites or web
development, let alone REAL NINJAS.  I have been in development for 7 years,
I know what flies and what doesn't.  Robert, if that is your name, this
doesn't fly at all.  Whether you take down your site or I do, one way or
another, this piece of shit is going to be removed from the eyes of the
public for all time to come.  And I stand with Ms. Evans in defense of her
three boys.  YOU ARE CORRUPTING AMERICA'S YOUTH!  Have you no shame?  Do you
know what real honor is?  Common sense left you long ago BOY, for you are
truly the world's biggest idiot.  Obviously, this means nothing to you.
You're a ninja, right?  This shouldn't mean anything to you.  After all,
you'd just flip out and wet your pants in front of me, right?  Yeah, I
thought so.  I dare you to pick a fight over this.  I dare you.  I do not
believe the Constitution upholds MORONS doing shit like this.  And I don't
care if you think you can beat up the world, YOU CANNOT BEAT UP ME.  I am
stronger than you will ever be.  I am smarter, and I sure as hell know more
of ninjas than you do.  Heed my words, you snot-faced punk, for I am the
death of your site.  And should you disrespect me the way you disrespected
Ms. Evans' letter, I hope you put in how I plan to shut your site down in
the script.  I hope you do really.  This site is of absolutely no value to
humanity, and we would all live better without it.  

In absolute disgust,
Your Worst Nightmare
[A-O] Abel


Shittest site ive seen in my life, how old are you? You dont know anything bout ninjas, so learn and read more before u decide to publish a load of shit onto the internet. Then learn html better and design a site that looks better. Why dont u shut up and get a life btw? And ps, we are not dummies, were beyond ur inteligent than you'd ever have.



>Dear Mr. Got my black belt at the K-mart Costume Dojo,
>Hello Mr. Ronald Mcdonald hamburger or whatever your name is, I'm thirteen
>years old and I am sending this message to you because you are an
>endangerment to others and yourself. But for one thing I can't understand why
>you are so damn obsessed with ninjas yet you do nothing to find out the truth
>about them. You have all these ppl sending you e-mail about how your wrong
>and they are right and all of them are older than you and know much more than
>you, plus they could all beat the hell out of you and castrate you (if you
>don't know it means having your glands cut off).Then no one would EVER be genetically
>related to you and the world could be at ease. It doesn't matter anyway cause
>you probably would stick your dick into a brick wall before you would realize
>thats not where it goes. Anyway shut down your site for your sake and the
>sake of others.
>With hate and anger,
>                            Kojiro.


>Robert I would like you to know that your website is misleading. It has no truth whatsoever. I am a 1st Degree Black Belt in Korean Tae Kwon Do. I am speaking for all of the Martial Artist's out there that Martial Arts is not made for killing each other. It is made for Self-Defense. The only other time we use Karate is during tournaments. The tenents of Tae Kwon Do are:
>And Ninjas were the most honorable of the Warriors. They did not kill theirself for no reason. I hope this helps you. My e-mail is ********>Oh and btw post this on your little Hate Mail section so everyone can hear the truth.
>  -Trev

Hello. I am writing in regards to your website. While I do agree with the judge in that you should be allowed to have the website (otherwise it would be infringing upon your right to freedom of speech), I personally feel that you have not correctly looked into what ninjas truly are. I will not go in-depth of it, I am rather sure that other people have tried to enlighten with facts as well as wisdom and points of view.

Whatever has fueled you to portray ninjas in the sense that you have, that they are "cool" and whatnot, I hope that it can eventually fuel you to look more deeply into the ninja and move on the path to enlightenment. I am not saying you are an "idiot", we all say and do certain things down the road of life. However you choose to continue your life, I hope that it is carried out with wisdom.

Hopefully our next encounter, either physically or through words, will not be one of hostility and anger....I know the future will be bad indeed, but I do hope that you realize the true path you are meant to undertake. In the meantime, I will try to figure out what I was meant to learn by coming across your website (and I'm talking on a philosophical level....). Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope your perspective and interpretation does not blind you to the true intent of it.


Dear future darwin award winner,

I shall begin this letter by informing your monocelled brain as to what exactly a darwin award is.
A darwin award is an award given out to those who prove drawin's theory of evolution, in other words, people who kill them selves through great acts of stupidity and incompetence.
While you are as of yet to win one, I am currently trying to get you an "honerable mention" for attempting to commit suicide by ingesting a frisbie.  first of all, the "ninja suicide" as you call it, is probably the single most offencive thing on your web page.  Ninja's didn't kill themselves "when the cant find anyone to kill" they killed themselves when they had lost a great ammount of honnor (something i'm sure you know nothing about).

Not to mention the fact that they didn't go around decapitating villages because they felt like it.
Ninjas only ever acted in carefully planed assinations of important people(which is why you don't have to fear ninja attack, you don't matter). All your movies and such are pathetic, i find it sad that people actualy believe and act upon this stuff.

and the whole "real ultimate power" thing just screams "Oh! Pay attention to me! Im a pahetic little kid who's parrents hate me because im a total dip-shit on a power trip". Kindly take into consideration just how totaly pathetic you are, you haven't seen a real ninja, i gaurntee it.

Now, incase you care (which I doubt you are capible of you pathetic waste of carbon) i will give you a quick sentence on how the ninja came to be.

Back in ancient japan (its that big island off the coast of china) the samurai (which ment "warrior" though later came to mean highly skilled warriors that followed a code of honor) ruled over the land, and didn't give a darn for the common people who were often attacked by bandits. The ninja came about as a way for the common folk to defend them selves agenst the samurai, or the bandits, it later evolved into a more secretive sect of highly skiled martial artists.

so there you have it, ninja's were originaly just farmers.

Tell your mother not to feed you, and instead to give the food to some deserving child in africa who might actually amount to something in life other than using up oxygen and enlarging the hole in the o zone layer with all his hot air (in case you cant tell, the pathetic waste it YOU) Feel free to post this in your hate mail section. Oh, and if you have any balls, you'll e-mail me back at ************** and not in anyway censor out my e-mail if you do decide to post this in the hate mail section. (I sincerly doubt, however, that you have the balls)

I'd pitty you, but I dont think you deserve it,

Ed M.

p.s.  I was home schooled.

Like your previous ďhatemailer,Ē I, too, am a ďhatemailer.Ē  I hate you and Iím going to tell you about it.  First off, I donít know if you heard, but we are in a state of emergency.  Terrorists try to attack the United States whenever they want.  And thatís almost everyday.  We have Arabs telling lies everyday about how we try to control their countries or how we killed their families, which is a lie.  Middle-Easterns just hate us because of our freedom.  They hate our freedom and they want to stop us from being free so thatís why they try to kill us everday.  And that freedom is what allows you to say all those stupid lies about ninjas.  You lie like those arab sites.  I hate you.  President Bush said that there should be limits on freedom and heís right.  Your site has no value and should be shut down immediately because of its blatant lies.  You donít even know the danger thatís outside the country.  So why should anyone listen to you about anything.  You are so stupid.  Before September 11, I might have thought your site was funny.  But now, I think it could confuse people, AMERICAN PEOPLE, and I hate it.  People SHOULD NOT act the way you do anymore.  People should research about what theyíre talking about.  Not say a bunch of things they know nothing about.  I doubt you will ever understand that.  Youíre lucky that you live in America , where no one is going to really kill you because of your obnoixioucity.  You are safe because of people like me who will vote for a strong president.  I donít care about the economy or my rights as long as my kids and the people of America are safe and strong.  Too bad I canít vote to get rid of your site, because, you know what, I would.      

a concerned parent



Dear Mr. (I'm about to get my ass kicked),
     I hope somebody reads this and knows were you are. Maybe someday someone will "flip-out" on you and do the things you talk about. You are disgracing everything that is good about martial arts. I myself am a sensei in SHOTOKAN karate, which is traditional japanese karate. Your impressions of the bow are pathetic and meaningless. Do us all a favor and completely remove this website as it not only affends me (who has given the last 15 years of his life learning and teaching), but probably also affends everyone else who is in my position (and many people who aren't). We don't teach violence in my art, nor does any other martial art, but in this case, i hope someone that actually knows a martial art will disregard what i just wrote and do it on your face. I can't believe your parents would let you post this website which is so full of shit it's hard to even believe someone would post it due to humiliation. Do me a favor and post this on your website so everyone can see what a real nieve and misleading little boy can make people of real stature feel!
very dissapointed in your website,
I bet you get off to all this hate mail, oh wait, your not old enough to even get a FUCKING BONER!!!! LOL LOL


This is a e-mail from 2 teenagers--a double email.  We HATE you alot, because you make Ninja's look like some kind of crazy, psycopathic killers who could easily wipe out the entire Japanese race.  The Ninja Turtles are 5 times more accurate than you.  The first part is from me, Falhock, and the second part is from my buddy, Haven.
You have some kind of mental problem, you said that the first ninja was in 8,000,000,000,000 B.C.E. (which is not even possible.) according to physicists.  You said the ninja flips out all the time.  I think that is a pile of horse, chicken and cow shit.  3 Wise ninja's bring Jesus ninja stars, a guitar and a babe.  That is just sick, not right, and sack-religious.  I'm gonna wait for the news to say "Lightning strikes down 10 year old freak, Robert Hamburger."  Then I'll scream for joy all night.  Guitars were a western hemisphere insturment, and wasn't even made during the time of ninjas.  You have serious problems, issues, and mental problems.  You are a hypocrite.  You said you shouldn't believe what you read, well guess what you little motherfucker, cocksucker, perverted asshole.  I don't believe a fucken word you say.  (Sorry, if you're crying while reading this, but I don't care.)  I'm done. 
Hi, this is haven.  Here is my portion of the hatemail, you idiot.  Ok, you claim that your site is the offical ninja site well if thats true its just fucking sad you know nothing about ninja's at all they have SMALL STRAIGHT SWORDS they were small for concelment, I'm not an expert so i won't act like one but the art of Ninjitsu was the art of STEALTH.  If ninja's "flip out" all the time they wouldn't be very stealthy could they?  You're so stupid. They (ninjas) were not mindless killers.  If they (ninjas again) were still around and "fliping out" like you say, then we would hear about it ALOT more than we usually do.  Ninja's can't fly or use spells.   Ninja's would do what their leader would tell them, to punish the evil and unjust.  They would not kill needlessly and they most likely did have a code of "honor."  Why should we belive you when EVERY ONE else disagrees?  I think that's a very good question.  Why would ninja's have such a deep hatred for pirates.   They (ninjas not pirates) may have killed some pirates on a couple missions, but i doubt they would go souly after pirates.  I mean--why would they?   If the remaining ninja's saw this site i'm sure they would "flip out" just for you and not stop until you're dead.  Your site is now forever banished from human history.   Your welcome.
How do you like our extreme hatred towards you.  Feels good, doesn't it.

Falhock and Haven Forever

Dear Robert or whoever you are,


p.s. put this on your hatemail, so other people can relate to it

Hi im probably about your age.  im 12 turning 13 soon. When my friend first showed me your webpage it was kinda funny, but then i started really reading it and exploring it a more and more. And I realized you are a fucked up child, like everyone else does that has mailed you. I dont know very much about ninjas, if anything at all, but i do know one thing--they aren't mammals, and they dont fucking flip out and kill people like you describe them doing on your retarded website. Like a lot of other people have said, you need to go see a pscyatrist, or probably a psychologist because you seriously have problems, man. Homie, i really dont think that Fujistu guy or whatever his name is (sorry if i spelt it wrong) gonna come and kill you, or whatever he's gonna do to you, but i really think you need a good pounding, man--a good clean up, a good tuning in the ass. There's enough fucked up retards like you in the world, in fact at my SCHOOL!!! AT MY FUCKING SCHOOL, and it drives me nuts.  If you lived where i lived, me and my friends would tune your ass man. And like a lot of the other people have been posting, you need to learn about ninjas to make a GOOD site, not one demented retarded one like you have made, man. You should actually be ashamed of your self, man. Get a life and stop trying to ruin the lives of others.





You are one fucked-up person. I mean your pee pee? what kind of a word is that? and in case you hadn't noticed all humans are mammals not just ninjas. just for you i'll give you the definition of a mammal, so you know what one is, straight out of the dictionary. 'Any of various warm-blooded vertebrate animals of the class Mammalia, including humans, characterised by a covering of hair on the skin and, in the female, milk-producing mammary glands for nourishing the young.'. there is no such a time as 8,000,000,000,000 B.C. the earth wasn't even here then. was the ninja floating around in space or what? you are just a dumb arse. possibly you know by me writing arse but i'm from the uk, so you'll be pleased to know you're hated internationally.  you know NOTHING about ANYTHING. You must be around 10 because you don't even know what a boner is. men don't get boners just by looking at a fully clothed woman (especially not 16 or however many you said) unless they have an unbelievably high sex drive or a very good imagination. and you can't just get a boner when you feel like it (i mean as in you don't just go 'hmm, i think i'll get a boner') you THICKSHIT. They just happen when, and sometimes they don't even if you want them to.  This line from one of your stupid over exaggerated scripts is "The ninja's boner smashes the entire restaurant." That is so GAY. How can a boner smash a restaurant you fucking thickshit freak of nature? "Every single one of the pirate's boners explodes" ????? how is that possible you FUCKING DICK? DOES THIS MAN HAVE 16 DICKS OR WHAT? and you say that the people who write hate mail haven't ever seen a girl naked? WHAT ABOUT GIRLS WHO WRITE IT DUMB ARSE? THE ONLY GIRL YOU'VE EVER SEEN NAKED IT YOUR MUM IN THE BATH WHEN YOU WASH BETWEEN HER ARSE CHEEKS!!!!!!!!! you barely know what sex is. you probably only got the 'birds and the bees' talk a month ago and tried to have sex with a bee yesterday! all you know is 'the pee pee goes in a hole' and 'women are the ones with boobies' you are such an annoying fucking shit-headed freak you fucking piss me off so much. If i ever met you i would kick the fucking shit out of you! I hope you get whats coming to you and someone kicks you so hard up into the butthole that their toes push up into your stomach! your one of those annoying kids that graffiti's the word SEX on a wall in big letters and finds it hysterical.  well, it's NOT FUNNY.  i dont know anything about ninjas but i have read the hatemail and know that most if not all of those people know a fucking lot more then you. you are i fucking idiot and haven't even started puberty, in fact your so behind your still waiting for your fucking dick to grow.  keep waiting, asshole.  Your fucking scripts are a load of shit with things morphing into things and its more likely that you'll wake up and find you have a dick then all that strange morphing would happen.

i hope you fucking put this in your hatemail section so people can see that your website is hated not only by people of all ages but all nationalities.

your's angrily,


I hope one day you meet a real ninja and he beats the shit out of you.


Do you understand how many people hate you from what you write? doesn't it
damage a 10 year old's ego to be hated worldwide?
  You have no idea what a media is going to do you hamburger.  i don't know maybe you have mental diseases and if you do i appologize, but if you don't have one, then I'm not going to apologize.  I just think your a 10 year old kid who had nothing better to do one day. If i met you i'm
sure i wouldn't like you. i don't have some big ninja name like the rest of the people and study this stuff.
but i can say this

someone who hates you 
because you think your funny 
but your not

A martial artist teen,
salutations (if you even know what that means),


PS. Karen I despise your racist ways



Dear Mr. Fucking 10 year old boy who knows jack shit,

How are you today? I just finished reading your site and I was so "pumped" after reading it I thought I should write you this. HOLY FUCK GET A FUCKING LIFE AND A REAL EDUCATION! Mother fucker! what are they teaching you in your God damned school? What the fuck is your mother teaching you? Or does she no know jack shit about ninjas (like you) and believes every single God damned word you say? "Hey mom, guess what? A ninja came all the way to our house from Indonesia with his ninja stars and ninja swords and he tried to beat me ass, but I got so PUMPED after seeing him that I flipped out on his ass and killed him!" "Oh that's nice dear! After you pop a boner why don't you show me how to flip out and kill people?" "Sure thing, hot stuff!" Kid, I bet the only woman you could EVER pop a boner for is your mother because no other women would consider looking at you twice! But first you have to reach puberty to pop on! And at  this rate it will be a long time before you EVER mature. And your friend Mark is a fucking dipshit. Did you get all the ninja information from him? Why do you believe in him so much.  Why would you believe in one person so much.  You're going to wake up to a lot of hurting when you get older, if you keep doing that.  AND, Ninjas don't walk down the street in AMERICA eating tacos of burgers then happen to "flip out" if some kid drops a god damned fork. And I'm sure if ninjas were uppercutting kids or "flipping out" and killing everyone in site we'd be hearing it on the news a whole lot than we do now, and that's ZERO!

From Amy

P.S. Please tell your mommy to up the ritaline you because something ain't right..


dearr. mister (i set a poor example to todays youth)

Hey you little fat punk im 14 years old, and my 5 year old brother just viewed your pitty excuse for a website and do you know what he did? He took a broomstick and with all his might whacked our 2 month old sister in the head.  She is now in the hospital with a concussion.  I hope your happy cause if I ever find you I would seriously kick the crap out of you, I hope you post this in your hatemail section so other people can see what damage you are doing to society.  One day your going to get the shit beat out of you and when that day comes I hope you post it on ur website so everyone can laugh at you and say you deserved it.  Because you are nothing.

P.S when asked why he did it my brother said because i wanted to be a ninja and they flip out and hurt people and gave us the address to your site



First of all, after reading everything on your site, have come to this conclusion: you SUCK.

Hey dumb Fuck,
just writing to tell you what everyone has before......................kill yourself slowly. Your website is a waste of a perfectly good domain name. And the appearance of it is almost as sad as the contents. from what i see you must be some 12 year old jerk off whos daddy let him play with webpagemaker a little tooooo much. Seriously, you need to rename your site to "Worst Fucking Joke Ever.net". Or at least put something in it that has some educational value or intellect dealing with the topic of ninja. You either dont give a shit or are too busy playing grab ass with your self to do some homework and build a website that actually has a hint of truth about ninja. i mean Jesus what the fuck are you actually trying to do get yourself killed. Do you know there are secret societies even today that consider themselves ninja and would happily cut your head off for putting this shit on the web. Actually if i ever found out where or who you were id beat you to death with my fist. but id have to wait until you turned ass beating age so it would be at least a challenge. You are a waste of good sperm. you need to lay down on the train tracks or something. if you are this stupid the only pussy your ever going to get is in your hand. i talked to a retard and he said hand pussy is great by the way.
L8er youre worthless

You make Baby Jesus cry.

p.s. if you even reply to this letter i will track your IP address and ill come show you what a REAL martial artist can do. a private lesson in pain and suffering. And beleive me i will track you.

Dear dipshit,

You are fucking crazy and are only 10 years old.
You keep saying that you get all the babes we never see them though. Where are all these babes? They probably donít even exist. Don't give up on the frisbee thing maybe you will get it some day. Mr. hamburger you put a discrace to all of the robert's of the world you should be ashamed. Good luck on going to hell.

Die soon,
Rob (not you, moron)

Youíre website is awesome! Hah! I cant believe you fell for that. That must be th first positive email heading you have ha in these 3 years.... or 2800000003 yars by your reckoning. And before you read this, get a dictionary. I highly doubt you are evn remotely capable of reading half of these words, let alone understanding them.
Child, you are very deeply disturbed. I would like toclarify a few thing for you really quick. the earth is only 4200000000 years old, so it isnt exactly possible for a ninja to exist before then. B.C.E. is not an actuall unit of time. I have seen parades do more damage with a baton than you could do with a quarter-staff. All humans are mammals. Hippos dont exactly speak english. If you stood next to someone, they would likely be sucked into the vortex that is your mind, because youíre so retarded that it would actually happen, asshole. The day anyone buys that "book," if that is what you are actually calling it, I would watch that video of you with the bow-staff again. i doubt you have even touched a "ninja star," I also doubt you have vr touched a katan for that matter, too. Actually, I doubt you have touched a butter knife if you have that little respect for a blade. Magic doesn't exist. I dont think yo even know what a male sex organ is, or whatever name you chose to give it in your..... literary works. Jet red is not a color. You are thinking of jet black. having something in your mouth doesn't keep someone from breathing. I suppose ill make this the last one, though I could go on for hours, you have no respect for life. You are simply a covertform of hitler, sadam, or osama. I hope that the flames of death soon engulf you, and you spend what little life you may have now.... or don't have, wallowing in self-pity. good-bye, and may many bees find their way to your "balls."


kay, where do i begin? how about your fucking life. oops sorry you dont have one. so lets start with your dick. wait... u aint got one of them either have you you fuckin TWAT FACED PRICK CUNT SUCKING ASS LICKING HOMOSEXUAL FAT ASSED FUCKING PIECE OF SHITTY CRAP SHIT.


I jus gotta say dat u dont know shit about ninjas like other people. now i aint sayin im an expert but i at least know the basics. and this aint it. im ashamed of this world for letting u be brought into it.

All u peeps who dont like this site i just wanna congratulate u on a decision well made.